We launched 2 publications and onboarded a writer in the last week.

I was literally pulling my hair.

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Last week was a crazy one!

I was literally pulling my hair.

We launched two more publications in Moonshot:
- Experimentality (which you are reading right now)
- Adventures of India

We onboarded one more writer to the team. Anon
His love for travel and passion for sharing amazing stories has convinced me to let him build whatever he wants to.
We are now a team of 6 humans.

We are also coming up with an Agency model at Moonshot for people to build their own newsletters. More details on this next week.

Now, a lot of people keep asking me ‘In the world of video and short-form content’ why the fuck are we building email publications? Ain’t the email dead yet?

My sweet answer is No. Emails are very much alive. In fact, we now have more than 30k+ subs across pubs with a decent open rate of 30% (pushing hard to get to more than 40%).

The best part of emails is we don’t care about engineering our content for virality. We only optimize for adding immense value to all the readers. That’s it!

I love Nikhil Kamath’s WTF talk series. The latest episode was out last week.

Though I love every bit of it. But this clip by Raj Shamani sent chills down my spine. Check this clip. I don’t have the right feeling about some of the best influencers engineering their content for virality, rather than optimizing for value.

What would you like to read about next week?

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