Vini rode a bike for the first time and now 38,167 readers read us!

Hello Hello,
Wassup, How are you?

I am back after a week of firefighting! πŸ€“

Before going deep. I just want to share my thoughts on the infamous statement by Sir Narayan Murthy about β€˜70 Hour Work Week’.

I think the people reading it, and commenting on it are too privileged to understand the meaning. I am sitting in an AC cabin, typing this email in fluent English because my Dad literally worked more than 70 hours per week.

He would first teach in a medical college 150 km away (my dad is an MBBS doctor), then come home and work to set up a printing press. Right now, there are days, weeks and months when he is continuously working even when it is not required.

When I asked him to comment on the 70-hour work week. He blatantly replied, β€˜yeh toh minimum hai’. πŸ˜…

But in today’s context, a 70-hour work week is necessary in two situations.

  1. Survival Mode: where the fight is put food on the table, and maintain the roof on the heads. Rikshaw pullers, taxi drivers, delivery boys etc. They work so so hard. I respect them immensely.

  2. Warrior Mode: where you want to break the normal shackles and do something phenomenal. It might be working out, entrepreneurship or a 2-3x ka salary jump.

If you just want to maintain the status quo, then a 20-30-40 hour work week just works fine. and frankly, it is up to every individual what they choose.

I would leave you with this, I love this clip and SRK ❀️

Back to our conversation. πŸ‘‡πŸ»

Major Win πŸ₯³πŸ€©

Vini rode the bike by herself. Yes, yes she did it and now she wants more of it. 😎

PS: I usually don’t upload videos, but I was very proud at the moment.


  1. We shut down AntiHustle last week because we did not have a vision for it and how will it grow. I say this is a win because we failed fast and moved on rather than dragging on it.

  2. Our growth is happening faster than ever. We grew 3,849 readers across the group of publications in the last week itself and our open rates and CTRs are also increasing steadily.

  3. We were able to get a discounted price for a product course for ProductMonk readers. Dr. Bart is one of the most famous PM teacher with over 20,000+ students taking his course.

  4. We also did our first guest post for ProductMonk β†’ here

  5. We also received an inbound ad request for ProductMonk. Yaay! πŸ₯³

  6. Also, is live. There is still some work pending there but finally, it is live!

Challenges 😩😭

  1. The toy store is going on a backburner 😭. I am not been able to crack the supply. I have spread the word across but nothing is moving. Do I stick to digital products which I love to build?

  2. This week I will be working on building a nocode directory of newsletters for marketing folks to reach out to if they want to run ads. I believe as the YouTube influencer market exploded because of all the brand money flowing into the videos, the newsletter market should also grow similarly. If anyone is pro at building no-code products and is hustler enough to build this with me. Reach out!

  3. I have lost my book-reading capability. At some point, I used to read 1 book per week, but lately, I have just been ordering and not reading. Any tips/advice on how to crack this?

Feel free to reply to this email, if you have any valuable suggestions.Β 

Questions I am Pondering πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’«

  1. How do we build trust through content?

  2. How do we build a team that is not insecure or tensed at scale? How do we make sure, people are generally happy at work and enjoy working within the organisation at scale?

Stats Time β˜•οΈ

Click Worthy πŸ”₯ Worth Your Attention

  • Pieter Levels talked to Arvid Kahl about Indie Hacking. If you are an indie hacker and love building no-code stuff or digital side projects, you are going to love this. β†’ Here

  • If you ever think about building a company or want to be an entrepreneur, check what the CEO of NVIDIA has to say πŸ‘‡πŸ»

  • My brother wrote this fantastic article about building extraordinary emotional strength β†’ Read here

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